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Located just south of Houston, TX, Coastal Power Products sells, installs, maintains, and services most brands of standby generators. Our staff of factory trained technicians is available 24/7 to service your standby generator. We offer annual maintenance plans to assure that your generator will be ready to respond when you need it most.

Consider the consequences of power outages in our daily lives:
  • No air conditioning or heating
  • No lights, security systems, or internet/cable
  • No power for medical equipment
  • No refrigerator or freezer
  • No water well or septic pump
  • No electric water heater
  • Damaging power surges during restoration of utility power
Causes of power outages:
  • Weather conditions - lightning, wind, rain, heat, cold, ice
  • Utility equipment problems and grid overload/brownouts
  • Fallen trees and tree growth that impact power lines
  • Animal contact with power lines and equipment
  • Human error - excavation, cranes, traffic accidents
  • Mechanical damage, construction error, fire, etc.
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