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Determine Your Power Needs
  • In the event of an unexpected loss of utility power,  what level of comfort are you seeking?
  • Are you interested in powering your whole house or just essential circuits (refrigerator, basic lighting, garage door)?
  • We can provide pricing on both whole house or essential circuit standby generator systems and help you decide what size generator would best fit your needs.
Information About Your Home
  • Please be prepared to provide the following details about your home so we can have the information we need to provide standby generator system pricing:
    • Is your central heating system gas?         Y or N           
    • Is your water heater gas?                          Y or N          
    • Is your dryer gas?                                       Y or N           
    • Is your cook-top/range gas?                     Y or N           
    • Do you have a water well pump?             Y or N           
    • How many furnace units do you have?  __________
    • How many A/C units do you have?        __________ Size in tons ______, ______, ______
    • What is the size of your main breaker or breakers?  ________ amps.
    • How many refrigerators do you have?  _______
    • How many freezers do you have?  ________
    • How many water heaters?  ________
    • Any other large electrical loads (pool, Jacuzzi, car charger, etc.)? _________________________
    • If you have an all electric house, do you have access to city natural gas or do you live in a rural location with the option for a propane or diesel tank to be installed? ______________________
Installation Requirements/Clearances
  • Installation requirements and clearances do vary with different sizes of standby generators. We will review these installation requirements during our site visit.
  • A professionally installed standby generator system can start as low as $8,500. The price does vary with each home and generator due to differences in electrical loads, generator installation location, and city/utility installation requirements.
If you need any help determining answers to the questions above, we can gather the necessary information during our free site evaluation.We make every effort to provide an informative and low pressure sales process for our customers.
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