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Standby Generators

Life Is Better With POWER

Automatic Standby Generators
Automatic standby generator systems are permanently installed and powered by natural gas, propane or diesel. These systems have the capability to automatically respond to power outages and perform a weekly test cycle to ensure readiness. An automatic standby generator system provides a hands-free power solution.
  • Air-cooled engine driven generators – range from 8 to 22 kW - an economical power solution to provide standby power to essential circuits or the entire house.
  • Liquid-cooled engine driven generators – range from 24 to 150 kW – these models feature automotive-grade engines and offer higher power output to provide protection for your whole-house or business.
Transfer Switches
Transfer switches provide a safe and reliable method to connect a standby generator to the electrical system.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches – as a part of the standby generator system, the automatic transfer switch senses a utility power failure, starts the standby generator, and then transfers the electrical load to the generator. When utility power returns, the transfer switch safely returns power back to utility, allows the generator to cool down, and then stops the generator.
  • Manual Transfer Switches – feeds power to existing household circuits eliminating the need for extension cords during a power outage.  A mechanical lock ensures that power will not be fed into the utility circuit when generator power is in use.
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