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Maintenance & Service

Preventative Maintenance Plans
Preventative maintenance ensures your generator will be ready when you need it. We offer Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly maintenance plans for your standby generator.
  • Maintenance plan highlights:
    • Replace engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs, & air filter
    • Check battery condition, clean terminals, apply terminal protector
    • Check charging rate of battery charger
    • Check oil, fuel, and coolant system for leaks
    • Clean generator enclosure
    • Inspect transfer switch connections, settings, and operation
    • Check generator frequency & voltage outputs
    • Simulate power failure (with permission of owner) to check transfer to generator power and then back to utility power
24/7 Emergency Service
Coastal Power Products maintains a staff of factory trained technicians to respond to your generator service needs. 
Our well stocked parts warehouse ensures we are able to quickly respond to most service issues.





Monitoring Services
Coastal Power Products can provide wireless monitoring services to ensure the generator at your home or business is always ready to perform.
Wireless monitoring automatically sends a message when there is a problem so that it can be resolved before you are in an emergency situation.
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